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Inside Anthroposophy: Essays on Freedom, Thinking and Existence by Richard Bunzl

Published August 2021, scroll down below…

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The Dragon Who Had No Fire – £2 UK (£3 Rest of the World)
The Viridian Sail – £3 UK (£10 Rest of the World.)

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Inside Anthroposophy Cover

Inside Anthroposophy: Essays on Freedom, Thinking and Existence


Inside Anthroposophy… “comprises eight revised articles, or more rightly essays, which first appeared, in their original form, in the magazine New View. What unifies them is that they each grew from a wish to look anew at some of the most basic concepts behind Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy. This philosophy, which came to be known as anthroposophy, touches almost all aspects of human existence and human endeavour.” Journeying through Inside Anthroposophy Richard Bunzl brings into focus a picture of the complex spiritual-physical nature of the human being, encouraging and inspiring us … “to fully experience what comes towards us in life… .”

Dragon Story Cover

The Dragon Who Had No Fire


A children’s picture book written and coloured by Vibusha Delamore who lives in New Zealand. She has three sons and is a trained kindergarten teacher and pioneered a Rudolf Steiner kindergarten on Waiheke Island, just off the coast of Auckland. In this book Hector is a young dragon who is different. He cannot breath fire. You can follow Hector’s adventures as he struggles to come to terms with who he is and enjoy the wonderful discovery that he makes. There is a gentle moral to this tale that makes the story so rewarding.

The Viridian Sail

The Viridian Sail


In our time, truth is becoming ever more difficult to know with any certainty. Fake news abounds. How can we determine the authenticity of anything? We need a new human faculty to help us do this. Centering around an old painting, found in an antiques shop, said to be by the French artist Seurat, The Viridian Sail is a novel of truth and fiction, fake and fact and takes us on a journey towards this new faculty.