About New View Magazine

New View magazine was first published in 1996 and today is an independent initiative offering a fresh look at the world and ourselves. New View is a quarterly magazine published at Easter, Midsummer, Michaelmas and Christmas. The four seasons and their related festivals provide a context for contemporary events, issues and insights shared through its pages. Four times a year, New View brings together a unique collection of articles on many aspects of modern life, informed and inspired by the work and world view of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) which he called anthroposophy. Focusing on issues of the day, its pages contain features, articles, interviews, book and film reviews. Regular items include: World events, Community, Health, Education, Self-development, Arts, Science, Environment, Biodynamic-Agriculture, Book and Film Reviews and much more. New View contains contributions that look to the deeper background and rhythms inherent in world and personal events. Its authors recognise the spiritual content woven into the material world and seek to build a bridge whereby the reader can experience the creative harmony between art, science and the religious, spiritual, life.


New View is continually on the look out for good authors with interesting contributions, who are able to communicate often deep and complex ideas to the readers in an accessible manner. It particularly offers a space to writers to share spiritual insights and experiences arising out of an anthroposophical understanding of life. New View has the potential to become a very widely-read international magazine, especially as at this time in human history the English language is so widely spoken and something of a world language. If any readers have ideas or suggestions that would help us to promote and increase the circulation of New View, please contact us.


Anthroposophy was established by Rudolf Steiner through books, lectures and other practical initiatives. Anthroposophy, or ‘awareness of one’s humanity’, is a path of knowledge and self-development which encompasses the realms of religion, spirituality, philosophy, art and science.

Founded in what is universally human, it offers a cohesive interpretation of human and world evolution, the reality of spiritual worlds (of which this material world is a part), practical methods of developing an objective consciousness of these realms, and deep insights into Christianity and the world’s religions and philosophies.

Steiner wanted no-one to accept what was presented through blind faith and asked that everyone objectively test what was offered. He also insisted that individuals were able to work in complete freedom with what he presented.

His insights covered many aspects of life and have given rise to world-wide initiatives in the fields of science, medicine, education, curative education, agriculture (Biodynamics), the arts - particularly painting, sculpting, speech and eurythmy - architecture and many social impulses. Out of this background, New View shares, explores and deepens this work.

For more information about anthroposophy in the UK visit the website. Written works and lectures available from Rudolf Steiner Press in the UK and SteinerBooks in America.

Rudolf Steiner was inspired by the works of the German Poet, writer and scientist, J. W. von Goethe (1749-1832). On his 28th birthday, Steiner was given a copy of Goethe’s Fairy Tale (Marchand) which had a profound effect on him. New View’s editor, Tom Raines, wrote an essay connected with this and interested readers may view it here.